Within a year of its foundation, RAYS has acquired a very strong and renowned clientele base, which pertains to the advertising agency dealing in brand building activities, which includes :

Rays Advertising, since 1995 is one of the premier advertising agencies in Kolkata who specialises in media planning, buying and releasing advertisements in all mediums in the most impactful way keeping in balance with the reach and frequency needs of a campaign.

We give in-depth consumer insight which forms a criticalpart for accurate and effective media planning. Further Volatility in the consumer landscape challenges media owners, advertisers and agencies to find better ways of understanding and communicating with consumers. By fusing consumer insights with media currency data we offer clients a comprehensive, 360 degree view of the consumer across all areas of daily life. Using this information, we help you understand your consumers better than ever before –including what motivates them, how they interact with different media and how best to communicate with them about key brands.
We can tell you exactly what websites your consumers are visiting, the television programs they’re watching, what they’re reading or listening to–all of which can be built into your communication strategies and plans.

Our unique solution combines consumer insights and media currency data in the same place, enabling consistency between strategy, planning and, ultimately, media buying.
Our Clientelle includes many national and regional players like Dey's Medical, PC Chandra Jewellers, Dixcy Hosiery, Senco Gold and Diamonds, Priya Gopal Bishoyi, Arish, Daisy Cosmetics and the list continues and grows exponentially.
Our vast creative expertise covers all aspects of TV commercials, TV programmes, corporate video, motion graphics, digital content and much more. We have produced an impressive creative archive including severalAds for TV, radio, print, direct mail, out-of-home and various other non-traditional media executions. We work closely with our clients to understand their business, product or service, and recognise exactly what they want to achieve with their creative communication. Whether a client needs us to create a single stand-alone print ad, design a fully integrated multi-media campaign, adapt a mainstream campaign/creative or create an original campaign, our recommendations are always rooted in sound communication strategy and established brand values.
We bring great ideas and technology together to build your revenue and future.We are creative technologists with experience of handling several clients of different sector from education to retailers, from fmcg to media. We can help you with your Digital Strategy, Websites, Applications, Digital Marketing and Internet of Things. We offer a custom software development based on the deep analysis of business processes and goals of our clients. We especially focus on generation of high traffic, management of conversion rates and sustaining higher engagement rates. We create complete 360 degree e commerce solutions and can facilitate from launching of ecommerce site to tie ups with payment gateways. We also provide solutions on logistic, product shoot and online e-business strategies.
Our OOH division facilitates Out-of-Home campaigns from end-to-end. Beginning from Concept and taking it to completion we manage each facet including contracting, designing, producing, and reporting. Our OOH division has worked with leading brands across sectors like FMCG, Education, Retail, Real Estate, Media and Entertainment industry.

We create OOH campaigns that deliver brand awareness, brand experience, and customer engagement. We have founded strong alliances and found strategic partners in leading media concessionaires. This allows us to provide you with the best media and reach relevant to your target consumer. Our expert knowledge resources enable us to give you a detailed analysis of which Outdoor advertising formats will work in tandem with your brand objectives. We can give you best outdoor sites at optimized budgets, mobile vans, banners, sign boards etc.
We offer a full range of printed vinyl banners to suit every application from simple single color banners to full color photo realistic banners.

We use the very latest digital printing technologies and large format printing and can print direct to a vast range of substrates including PVC, back lit, front lit, self-adhesive, and canvas in any size, shape or quantity. We can create the artwork and we can take care of the installation.

One of the main highpoint of our professional offerings is that we not only create/print the branding but we also offer a full range of installation and fabrication services for our esteemed clients, weather it is overnight cut to shape Visual Merchandise products or decoration of shops/stalls/temporary POP area at shopping malls or at exhibitions.

We also offer total in-shop branding solutions across eastern india region, with affordable pricing that help our clients to attain maximum ROI and Brand Connect with mass. We follow the steps described below for total in-shop branding campaign.

Measurement : We do a full recee of the target shops and find out exact measurements of empty areas where branding would be possible inside the shop, getting exact measurements help in making the VM to fit properly.

Adaptation : Thereafter, the adaptation process is followed where we make multiple print ready artworks based on the original provided by the client.

VM Creation : This is the step followed where we Print+Paste+Laminate the artwork making it ready for installation inside the target shops.

Installation : Our experienced fabricators visit the target shops and install the merchandise.
Experiential interventions ensure immortality! At Rays, we harness the power of experiences to make your brand immortal in the minds of consumers. We are an experiential planning group with the strong bandwidth in Eastern India.

We offer a comprehensive range of services which include Events, promotions, road shows, mall activations, exhibitions, sampling and merchandising. Innovation lays at the heart our thought process. Where on one hand we specialise in fashioned door to door campaign, we also stretch our self to school activation, society activations, human banners, news paperinserts, canter activation .. think of any campaign with ground connect, we can brainstorm, derive the strategy and desired result, successfully commission it and execute the same.
We pioneer in Rural marketing for eastern market. We are the initiator of various form of rural marketing, commercialization of Jatras, Brand adaptation in Melas( rural fairs ), Stretched terrain activities with different vehicles and media. We are the only agency in this part of the country who have strong manpower meant for rural activation from various districts on our payroll.

We know and understand the rural mind-set, market and people. Specialised communications and marketing plans and strategies are tailor made to reach them. Understanding the workings of a rural market and sensitivities are keys to branding and positioning of any new products or services there. With our dedicated rural marketing team we create long-term plans that help do just that.

Here are some of the things that we specialise in:

Mobile Sumo campaign : Our mobile Sumo campaigns are the epitome of ‘infotainment’. While speaking to the rural populace, it’s not enough just to provide information - the rural populace is often starved of entertainment and that’s where we can communicate with them. Whether it is reaching out to local performers for dances, songs, skits, music, or getting specialists writers to pen down the right words, we can churn out the right plan and proposition for a successful mobile sumo campaign.

Campaigns covering 360 degree initiative : With our clear understanding of rural Bengal, we provide well drawn out 360 degree campaigns which cover brand-planning, research, marketing and communication strategies, media planning, selling and buying for a successful execution across the country. The creativity of our campaigns have always caught eye-balls and has helped in sales.

Product Launch : Launching a product in a rural market requires specialised and custom-made solutions. Our team of researchers and communication specialists reach the heart of the populace with extremely specialised, creative product launch campaigns. Understanding our audience and our know-how helps formulate the right messages to reach the right people. We also support in distribution strategies.

Database management and Loyalty Program : Our database management capabilities are a storehouse for maintaining a good Loyalty Program. We have the skills to develop efficient and use-friendly database management system that lets you know a repeat customer, understand the customer needs which helps provide better services and is a big resource for a Loyalty Program.
We provide strategic consulting, qualitative & quantitative research that leads to actionable marketing recommendations.

IN-DEPTH QUALITATIVE EXPLORATORY RESEARCH : We explore consumers’ emotional and rational needs, motivations and barriers, teasing apart the conscious rationales and subconscious drivers in order to identify the optimal strategies to reach and motivate them.

MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS OPTIMIZATION : Expose existing and potential customers to communications concepts – advertising, PR messaging, web site content, etc.

BRAND POSITIONING RESEARCH : Explore current perceptions of a brand. Identify opportunities for evolution to better meet needs and expectations.

STRATEGIC CONSULTING : Re-analysis and integration of existing data, concept and platform development, strategic direction.

MARKET ANALYSIS : Generating market data to identify key market dynamics: patterns of purchase behavior, the typical acquisition pathway, relationship between purchase and demographic, gifting vs, self-purchase, etc.